1979 - 1983

Gilbert ANDZE TSOUNGUI was born in the early 1930s in his native Nkolondom in Yaounde, Centre Province. He first attended school at the Catholique Mission Etoudi before moving to the Yaounde Regional school where he gets his CEPE, the French Equivalent of First School Leaving Certificate.

 From 1974 to 1950, he studied at Collège Moderne de Yaoundé where obtained the BEPC. He also undertook distance learning with the University of Dakar to study Law and Economics. In 1961, he is admitted after an Entrance examination for Professional Civils Administrators.
Prior to that, he had started field work in 1958. That is how from 1958 to 1959 he is Deputy to the Administrative Chief of the Wouri region in Douala. Then he moved to the Department of Boumba et Ngoko, where he was Senior Divisional Officer, SDO from 1960 to 1961., Gilbert ANDZE TSOUNGUI was next posted to the Moungo In the same capacity from 1961 to 1963. From 1963 to 1965, he cumulated the functions of Federal Inspector for the Littoral region and SDO for Wouri. After such a rich administrative experience at his young age, Gilbert ANDZE TSOUNGUI was sent as Federal Inspector to the West region between September 1965 and July 1972. This was the time when the Union des Populations du Cameroun, UPC went under siege after its ban in 1955. Consequently, the Federal Inspector was confided with the task to crush the UPC rebellion in the West region.
After having proven to be a skilled commander, Gilbert ANDZE TSOUNGUI was then promoted to the post of Minister Delegate at the General Inspection of the State on 3rd July 1975. He assumed that function till November 1979. He was also Minister of Agriculture for a very short period. On 8th November 1979, he was appointed Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals. He stayed at that position for 4 years and was reconducted in President BIYA’s first ever Government on 6th November 1982, barely two days after the resignation of President AHIDJO. He occupied that post till 18 July 1983. As Minister of Justice, Gilbert ANDZE TSOUNGUI became very renowned because of his firmness and strictness. During the solemn relaunching of the Supreme Court on 20th November 1980, he insisted with the Magistrates and Chief Justices to punish those who misappropriate public funds destined for general interest. Also, Human Rights and the conditions of Custody in Police or at the Gendarmerie were some more of his concerns. Gilbert ANDZE TSOUNGUI was replaced at the Head of the Ministry of Justice in 1983, following the 22nd August Cabinet Reshuffle by André NGONGANG OUANDJI.
After he left the Ministry of Justice in 1983, he continued to serve the country as Minister in charge of Armed Forces, Delegate General for National Security, Minister of Territorial Administration and Vice-Prime Minister in charge of Territorial Administration. He died on 9 April 2007 at Bruxelles.

Yaoundé , Quartier Administratif

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