Luc NDJODO The Procureur General Of The Supreme Court

Luc NDJODO The Procureur General Of The Supreme Court

The Procureur General of the Supreme Court of Cameroon Luc NDJODO hails from La Lekié in the Centre Region. Born on 8th April 1953 at Komo in Obala, he belongs to the Eton ethnic group. He is a Super Scale Legal Officer Group 1 and was integrated into the corps of Magistracy in November 1978. As a prerequisite to the profession, he holds effectively a First Degree in Law. He began his career as Deputy State Counsel in Douala in that same year 1978.

Luc NDJODO later moved to Mokolo (Far North Region) in 1980 where he served as President of the Court. Two years later, he moved to Mbalmayo where he officiated as State Counsel.

Later on he was appointed to the Central Administration at the Ministry of Justice to occupy the post of Service Head for Execution of Sentences at the Department of Judicial Affairs and the Seals.

In 1988 Luc NDJODO was detached to the then Ministry of Women’s Affairs as Assistant Research Officer. However, he was called back in 1991 to serve the judiciary as State Counsel in Nkongsamba. From there, he once again returned to the Ministry of Justice as Deputy Head of the Department of Judicial Affairs and the Seals.

Before he was appointed Procureur General at the Supreme Court where he was 1st Advocate General, from 2001 Luc NDJODO served for several years in Douala as Procureur General of the Littoral Court of Appeal. This brilliant Legal Officer who graduated from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) as the best student of his class is also an author. His book titled “Les enfants de la transition, une génération en danger” was published by l’Harmattan in September 2011.

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