People’s Representatives at the Ministry of Justice

People’s Representatives at the Ministry of Justice

On Thursday 25th August 2022, the Honourable Vice-President of the National Assembly, DATOUO Théodore has led a delegation of elite from the Haut-Plateaux Division, West region of Cameroon in a courtesy and working visit with the Minister of State, Minister of Justice Keeper of the Seals, Laurent ESSO. The delegation which totalled 6 persons was comprised of the Vice-President DATOUO, Honourable NGOKO and the mayors of Bamendjou, Baham, Bangou and Batié.

In the name of the populations of Haut-Plateaux, they came to plead with the Minister to begin of the construction of the Law Court of Baham, as well as and the effective entry into function of the Courts of Baham. So far, the elite have made available land and buildings to host the courts and more land and lodging facilities for the Judges that would be posted there. It was an occasion for both parties to appraise the judicial and penitentiary situation of the Division.

As an answer to their plight; and in order to better appreciate the overall situation, Laurent ESSO decided to send an explorative mission to Baham. The mission led by the Director of General Affairs and co would have as job to give an in-depth view on the people’s expectations and the sites disposed for the projects.

As a Magistrate, Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals Laurent ESSO served in the West region of Cameroon some years back.

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